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Chauffeur Service

Can't get to us?  We'll come to you!  We offer a chauffeur service within the local area

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Small Pets Welcome

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamster's and birds are invited to stay at the Small Animal Parc here at Ladybird

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Opening Times

Summer (April to October)

Monday - Saturday: 9.30am till 6.30pm

Sunday: 9.30am only till 12.30pm


Winter (November to March)

Monday - Saturday: 9.30am till 5.00pm

Sunday: 9.30am only till 12.30pm




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Cattery Suites



Our ultra deluxe suites are of UPVC and glass construction, giving the bright, sunny and airy feel of a conservatory. Each bedroom has a fitted sun lounging terrace plus plush sofa and footstool for those relaxing moments, and each large play area is equipped with an activity centre built for climbing, nail manicure and bird watching. Our ultra deluxe cattery suites, all with private veranda and play areas, have mesmerising views onto a purrfect garden setting and are well seperated from the dog kennels.Should feline guests wish to bring their own bedding or toys, they are most welcome to do so. All bowls are supplied at the resort.



Set across the garden from the Ultra Deluxe Suites are our Standard Suites. Each guest suite has an inviting fully enclosed and cosy bedroom which is individually heated and is thermostatically controlled. These double sized suites come complete with single or double beds with fleece bedding, and consist of elevated rooms with a window and cat flap. Access to downstairs bathroom and play area is via a ramp. All suites are accessed off a security corridor and secure entrance. Should feline guests wish to bring their own bedding or toys, they are most welcome to do so. All bowls are supplied at the resort. 



We have now added some "waiting rooms" (top veterinary-quality holdings pens) into our new cattery kitchen to help with our busy changeover days, or when delayed collections hold up the smooth running of our routine.



Dining at Ladybird provides our guests with individually prepared meals made to specific requirements and served directly to each guests room. These culinary delights should be enjoyed and eaten at leisure. The ladybird team of carers create these gourmet dishes freshly from our vast range of top quality preparatory pet foods, including items such as cooked chicken. Guests who require veterinary prescription diets must arrange for their owners to provide the required quantity for their stay at Ladybird.


All cats MUST be inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu, and all must be administered at least 7 days prior to boarding. We insist that a valid certificate from a veterinary surgeon be shown on arrival and remain at the kennels during your pet's stay.


Medications for guests can be administered by senior staff who strictly adhere to the owners written instructions. In the event of any illness your pet will (if thought necessary) be taken to your designated veterinary surgeon for treatment.

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